Within the framework of the activities co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union, titled Musical Bounce Back, the Athens Department of Music Studies has committed to creating a website. This site aims, in the forthcoming years, to feature all the female composers of Greek music.

The goal of those who participated in the above initiative, as well as those responsible for the design and updating of this online platform, is to honor those musicians who undertake the responsibility of creation. Specifically, all those composers, melodists, or songwriters who dare to share their personal artistic concerns with the audience.

At the address gwcl.music.uoa.gr, one can find a digital dictionary which gathers in alphabetical order female composers who were born and lived in Greece or are of Greek descent, from the 19th century up to the present day, providing a range of biographical and work-related information.

Given that any attempt to categorize art into genres involves a significant degree of subjectivity, and our pee-established evaluation of them as “superior” and “inferior” is ideologically opposed to us, this page does not engage in any of the aforementioned processes. The catalog lists names of female composers from every conceivable musical practice, with the sole prerequisite being the official release of a complete opus. In the case of oral music creation, this means a recorded album.